Saturday, 16 May 2015

FLY CATCHER PRESS: A Walk Down the Rift

Not far from Coleridge Cottage lies the tiny hamlet of Shurton and just down to the sea from here is where ST Coleridge walked and sat on Shurton Bars to write 'Ode to Sara' for his wife to-be in 1795.

And hark, my love! The sea-breeze moans
Thro' yon reft house! O'er rolling stones,
With broad impetuous sweep,
The fast encroaching tides supply
The silence of the cloudless sky
With mimic thunders deep.
extract from Ode to Sara -  ST Coleridge 

Shurton Bars - Somerset

Along this same path from Shurton to the sea the Poetry Pin project has been journeying for a full year writing new poetry and digitally posting it to this trail through the Poetry Pin Engine. Over twelve workshop walks tarriedthis way, revealing and writing poetry with the former done just by opening the website on a mobile phone.

In March 2015 the ability to add new works came to an end and the Poetry Pin team began the next phase, compiling and curating 'A Walk Down the Rift' to be published by Fly Catcher Press this coming Autumn.

Past the bat house, and the Tacky-shade collector,
Past the laminate maps, part eaten by nature.
Down to the geo with the clints and the grikes,
Boulders smashing by little tykes,
Paddling free in the murky brine,
Beneath scoured stone Bars slumbers Serpentine.
All change, all change, as we scatter to scribe,
scratching in the sand, drawing words from this tide.
Over the wash and across the Bars it comes,
And we mop up its moods like kitchen crumbs.

extract from Kitchen Crumbs - C Jelley 

More details can be found on the Poetry Pin Portal where you can still walk the trail and trigger the poetry.

Enquiries and orders of the publication 'A Walk Down the Rift' (Fly Catcher Press) can be made at Number Seven Dulverton. Purchases can also be made from Amazon (£10 hard back) and documents a year walking, reading and writing poetry in the shadow of Hinkley C, the UK’s first new nuclear build in decades.